First time access, EMC mailing list

If you are a leader/president of a Christian motorcycle club or ministry, and you want access to the EMC Presidents mailing list, you will need to have a Google Groups logon. You don't have one? It is easy and free to register - once you have done that, you will be able to ask for membership to the group. Here are the basic steps to register with Google Groups:

  1. Open in your internet browser and click Sign in in the upper right corner:
  2. If you have not already signed up with google, click "Create an account" in the next screen (otherwise proceed to step 3 now).
    You will need to provide your e-mail address (this does not have to be a Google mail (gmail) address). Pick a password and answer the other details they want for your registration. (In this step - if you already use Google Groups for other purposes, just log in as usual instead of creating an account)
  3. After your account has been created, you need to sign up to the mailing list (i.e. the Google group for EMC Presidents), unless you have already been added by the group administrator, for instance after having provided your e-mail address at one of the EMC Rally President's meetings. To do this, go to: and follow the instructions for signing up to the group. You will need to await approval from the group administrator.

Once you have signed up and been approved as a member to the EMC Presidents group, you will be able to access the mail archives by going to and to send messages to the other presidents either online or by mail to "emcpresidents" with "" as the part behind the @ sign (written this way to confuse automatic email crawlers that some spammers use to pick up email addresses).


Welcome to the EMC Rally webpage. This website presents the annual EMC Rally - a motorcycle rally where Christian motorcycle clubs from all over Europe and beyond gather. The rally takes place the first weekend of August each year and is hosted in different countries by different clubs each year.

EMC (European Motorcyclists for Christ) is not an organization, but a meeting point for brothers and sisters in Christ who share the same passion for motorcycles and Jesus.

This webpage will contain info on upcoming and pastEMC rallies as it becomes available. There's a private area for club leaders/presidents, where meeting notes and other documents from the EMC president meetings are stored. These meetings take place during the EMC Rally. There is also an EMC presidents mailinglist. If you think you are eligible for access to the president section of this webpage and to the EMC mailinglist, please write a mail to webmaster at emcrally dot com.

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First time access, EMC presidents mailing list

Users previously registered via a link here have been removed. See "First time access..." above for details on how to gain access to this site. (28.5.2014 - webmaster)